Learn more about the host below and feel free to check out his blog on the latest developments with the show.

Kevin B.Host

Kevin is not only the producer and creator of LMH Reality TV Game Show, but he also is a musician and a aspiring inventor. He brings a professional, humorous yet passionate personality and approach to reality TV. His favorite personal mottos are posted weekly on the home page, you can get to know him on his personal blog. Stay tuned as he plans to take Reality TV to a whole new level.


Danna Gift is the co-host for LMH. She's went to school for communications and is an aspiring actress with a modeling background. She truly enjoys creativity and interacting with people, but she also brings a very delicate relatable yet peaceable approach to Reality TV. She truly is on a path to inspire many and hopes to take her career to new heights! Follow her on her path to success in her blog and watch as she truly Make’s it Happn!

About Us


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The Mission

My goal is to take Reality TV to a whole new level by showcasing hidden talents in a way that has never been done before.

Many people see themselves being the next big thing so they show how creative they are with videos uploaded on Youtube. My show intends to take it a step further and challenge the minds of the next generation of inventors and creative thinkers. I want to show the motivation and passion of working hard and thinking outside of the box.

Our Philosophy

It's simple! Let the unknown become the known, then see innovation craft the minds of many with positive influence.

Everyone has something to offer this world in one way or another, but sometimes they just need a little jump start or push to get that new idea in the right hands. We want to positively alter the future with true vision, focus and innovation. We believe there are no limits to A Dream, A Vision and The Mind!