While next level inventions are currently underway to knock the socks off of consumers. We also have those of us who have ideas to improve several aspects of our lives. Yet we don't have as much exposure for these new ideas. We see that Reality TV is expanding but why not show a different reality of innovation.

Each day we focus our energy on improving our collective condition is another day we move closer to a better quality of life. Sometimes we need external influence to inspire us to greatness. Other times we may need a little internal conflict to bring out the best parts of ourselves. Creativity is not limited to one type of expression, and if we allow ourselves to have creative expression filtered we do a disserve to reality.

The real question is do we believe in the power of our mind to pick up the slack so to speak. You can only see the type of change we want by being that change and believing in the result of the change. So ask yourself if you are dreaming big enough or even allowing yourself to become educated enough to make a collective difference.

I will tell you that the world needs the couch genius or next level thinker to get up and make something happen. All it takes is a thought, or a drive but it truly takes passion for results. It may be hard at times but when it's all said and done you will be so glad you got up and made the impossible possible.